Opcon Energy specializes in Waste Heat Recovery

In 2015, Opcon Energy System AB (OES), together with its sister company the compressor technology center-of-excellence, Svenska Rotor Maskiner AB, SRM were acquired by the Chinese Fund Shanghai XingXueKang Investment Partnership.

OES,  specialises in developing technology for small-scale production of electricity from waste heat. The company’s systems are based on unique screw compressor technology from Opcon and its subsidiary SRM.

The technology of Opcon Powerbox is designed for applications in combined heating and power plants and the process industry, but is also suitable for large stationary diesel and biogas engines and marine diesel engines. The solution has generated a lot of interest from the power, shipping and process industries.

Demand is increasing for alternative energy production, driven by two trends: the long-term increase in fossil fuel and electricity prices, and the rapidly-growing requirements for effective measures to limit resource wastage and environmentally-harmful operations that contribute to global warming.

Producing electricity with Opcon Powerbox from waste heat that would otherwise not be used creates major energy savings, with the electricity also adding significant value to the supply chain.

Opcon’s investment in this field is its largest ever in organic growth based on proprietary technology. The market is global with a theoretical potential in the billions for the Swedish market alone.