Opcon waste-heat energy audit – up to ten percent fuel savings can be achieved

Every ship produces waste heat. Using Opcon technology to recover this wasted energy, up to ten percent fuel savings can be achieved.

Opcon performs waste-heat energy audits where theoretical assumptions of your engine and ship type are complemented and validated with real measurements under real operating conditions.

Opcon’s waste-heat energy audit includes measurement of available waste heat from sources such as main engine jacket cooling, scavenger air cooling, exhaust gas cooling, steam systems and exhaust gas boiler. This gives you the information you need in order to assess different options available for you.

The waste-heat energy audit also includes a proposal for how to optimize an Opcon Powerbox waste-heat recovery installation for maximum economic and environmental benefit. A proposal can be made both for new-builds and retrofit installations on ships already in operation. All based on your ship-type, depending on your assumptions on future fuel prices, route, etc.

Please contact Opcon at opconmarine.oes@opcon.se in order to discuss the depth and scope of a waste-heat energy audit that can help you decide on how to best save fuel.