Opcon Powerbox ORC and WST – Waste-heat recovery for medium-sized and large ships

Opcon Powerbox ORC – electricity from low-temperature waste heat


Industrial and marine engines powered by natural gas or diesel convert only part of the available fuel energy to usable power. The remainder is lost as heat, resulting in significant energy losses.

In marine combustion engines, Opcon Powerbox can reduce fuel consumption by up to
10 percent, or increase existing power generation by up to 10 percent, without the need for larger engines or more fuel.

Opcon Powerbox can utilize low grade waste heat, such as jacket cooling, scavenger air and exhaust gas cooling and convert it into cost-effective power generation.

In addition to improved system efficiency and reduced operating costs, this system integration creates significant environmental improvements due to reduced emissions of substances such as CO2, NOX and sulphur.

Download Data Sheet OMORC-430-100-A
Download Data Sheet OPB-ORC 600M

Opcon Powerbox WST – electricity from wet to superheated steam


Opcon Powerbox WST applications produce profitable emission-free electricity from excess saturated process steam in ships.

Opcon Powerbox WST is suitable to operate with dump-steam or excess steam from exhaust gas waste heat recovery. This is particularly effective operating at large variations in steam supply.

WST is suitable for wet steam (max 85 % liquid), saturated steam or superheated steam (max 250 °C).

Exhaust gas boiler duty, 7 bar: We offer three sizes, 250/200/100 kWe fully automated power generators.

Auxiliary boiler duty, 15 bar: We offer three sizes, 800/600/250 kWe fully automated power generators.

Download Data Sheet OPB-WST 250M