Opcon Powerbox ORC: emission-free electric power from waste heat with unique technology

Waste heat from industrial processes, together with residual heat from heat and power production and waste incineration, represent significant energy resources that today are frequently neglected.

In addition to energy losses and decreased system performance, cooling residual heat also consumes additional primary electric energy.

Opcon Powerbox is a mobile stand-alone power plant that transforms waste heat and costs for cooling into emission-free power production and new revenues.

Solid industrial components and easy installation, together with microprocessor controls, and remote operation result in high operational reliability.


Climate changes and the emerging need to reduce CO2 and other emissions, call for increased environmental concern on a national and global level.

Opcon Powerbox contributes towards meeting their end-user’s environmental and energy efficiency commitments, while improving system performance and profitability at the same time.

By utilizing waste and residual heat, new power production is both fuel and emission free. On several markets, this makes Opcon Powerbox eligible for green certificates, feed-in tariffs, energy efficiency commitments or emission trading schemes.

Opcon Powerbox produces electricity from waste water at a temperature range of 55-250° C and can be ordered in a number of versions.

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