An Opcon Powerbox is an ORC installation positioned in a flow of surplus energy. ORC stands for Organic Rankine Cycle. Rankine is a temperature scale invented by William John Macquorn Rankine in 1859.

An ORC installation is based on the basic principle of the Rankine cycle. The theoretical level of efficiency is controlled by the temperature difference between hot and cold media.

The decisive factor for Opcon Powerbox is an extremely reliable SRM turbine, developed by
Opcon’s Svenska Rotor Maskiner, SRM; a world leader in compressor technology.

Advantages of Opcon’s ORC system:
– Electricity from surplus energy (waste heat)
– No emissions, no environmental downside
– Production costs for electricity are competitive, making the technology profitable at even lower electricity prices than those now valid
– Electricity produced from surplus heat from biofuel yields electricity certificates
– Proven technology
– Easy to adapt for different industries